New product launch.

Naming & Branding
National Market Testing
Marketing campaign
video production

The challenge

In the midst of the pandemic, a Baton Rouge cardiologist created an innovative product designed to protect us from a germ-ridden product we use everyday—our phones. His creation: Disposable layered screen protection for smartphones and tablets. The global smartphone accessories market is a crowded and highly competitive one, presenting a challenge for a new and unfamiliar brand to break through.

Market testing

Studio E’s top priority was ascertaining a name for a new e-commerce product that would stand out from competitors and resonate with consumers across the country and—eventually—around the globe. Using sequential monadic methodology, we surveyed target consumers across the United States and cross-tabulated the results based on demographics, income and other factors to provide the client with the best options. Studio E then designed a logo and brand guidelines for Fresh Screenz.

phase one campaign

With just two months to capitalize on the holiday shopping season, Studio E quickly ramped up to produce a marketing mix of commercials and animated ads conveying the Fresh Screenz advantage: A multilayered screen protector that, once contaminated, can quickly be peeled away and discarded anywhere, anytime—revealing a new, clean layer.

In this phase, heavy focus was placed on an array of paid social media to reach highly targeted consumers whose location, behavior and interests indicated a potential affinity for the product. Studio E established social media accounts for the product and rolled out a high-impact strategic campaign over a 30-day period.

video content

To ensure the product captured the attention of target consumers, Studio E scripted and filmed three on-location commercials portraying through humor common human experiences where a smartphone device might become contaminated. The first featured a work-from-home mother and a child who had consumed orange puffs prior to nabbing her phone in her absence. The second storyline focused on an office party and a co-worker’s untimely — an unfortunately aimed — sneeze on a borrowed phone to capture a photograph of the celebration. The third explored what happens when the heavily perspiration-drenched towel of one gym fanatic meets the cell phone of another.

In each scenario, Fresh Screenz saved the day by being a quick and easy solution. Studio E combined these with a series of lightly animated ads that drilled down on additional Fresh Screenz messaging — "A clean screen anywhere, anytime,” “Nothing clunky about it,” “Peel away the grime” and “Protect the fam,” among others.  

The results

The 30-day campaign exceeded goals and benchmarks, with an engagement rate of more than 31%, compared to an industry average of 2% or less and CTR of 2.4%, compared to an industry average of 0.89%.