Supercharge your Marketing Plan with Personalization

Taylor Gast
Dec 08, 2023

It’s no secret these days that your brand has to maintain an omnichannel presence to reach customers across all platforms and devices with a unified message. Establishing a comprehensive digital presence typically includes a strong website, active social media channels, email and SMS campaigns, local and organic SEO, and so on or your customer will find your competitor instead.

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

When done correctly, omnichannel marketing is incredibly useful but without a custom approach tailored to your audience's needs, you’re just throwing darts with a blindfold on.

So how can you focus on creating a positive omnichannel marketing experience to acquire new customers, reduce churn and build a positive reputation for your brand?

Enter data-driven marketing, the approach of optimizing brand communications based on detailed customer information to develop the best strategies for ROI. By analyzing customer data and personalizing content, marketers can refine customer segments, track behaviors and uncover insights into customer interest and intent. Personalization is the key to understanding customers, so you can engage with them in the right way at the right time and on the right channels.

Here are a few key tactics to incorporate data-driven marketing and enhance personalization across your marketing channels:
• Gather all available data
• Create customer-focused content
• Optimize marketing budgets
• Choose the correct message and channel

Gathering Available Data

While this step can be time-consuming and tedious, it’s a necessary evil to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t know where to start? Anything from your CRM, website analytics, advertising metrics and social media tools can provide valuable insights into your customer’s behavior and opportunities for growth.

Creating Customer-Focused Content

Customer-focused content is the simple practice of creating material that speaks directly to your target audience. We’ve all seen or experienced the ads that call you by name and suggest items recommended just for you. Maybe you clicked it, maybe you added it to your cart, and then got distracted before making your final purchase decision. Through this approach, a customer can be retargeted for the same product or even offered similar options that may push them over the line. Wouldn’t you rather spend your precious advertising dollars chasing the person who hit add to cart over the person who keeps closing your irrelevant ad to get back to their solitaire game?

Optimizing Marketing Budgets

Reviewing data-driven marketing allows marketers to investigate which portion of the ad budget is making the greatest impact on brand awareness and conversions. By testing creative and reviewing performance, marketers can properly allocate funds to the channels that have the best potential to move customers throughout the funnel.

Choosing the Right Message and Channel

In the past, one message or one creative was created for use across every channel. Now, marketers are focusing on creating personalized messaging to better fit the medium. While this doesn’t simplify the process, it does yield better results. Review your customer data to find the channel generating the most relevant traffic. While we agree that omnichannel marketing is crucial - if you’re struggling to maintain every channel, put your focus on data and personalization and grow from there. Customers prefer a personalized experience vs. a hundred different touchpoints with irrelevant content.

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